Monday, April 18, 2016


A quick and satisfying job last month for TAG in Leeds. To create a delicious caramel swirl with photo-realistic illustration. This small vignette would be dropped into the bottom corner of a cereal pack so wasn't even taking centre stage as the hero shot of the product. Nonetheless it needed to convey all the sticky lusciousness that we associate with melted caramel.
From my own photographs (of honey, chocolate and golden syrup) and reference images from online sources, I distorted and then re-coloured melted chocolate to look like gooey toffee. Using the twirl filter and one or two other distortion filters in Photoshop and then judicious masking and trimming, I managed matched the flowing swirls of the brief.
Please feel free to click and enlarge these images but remember they are all very strictly copyright.

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