Tuesday, February 20, 2007


If you have ever logged onto my main website >hotfroggraphics.com< you might well have seen these little guys in the character section of my portfolio.
They were originally created for Asda's range of children's seed packs, commissioned by Elmwood.
I always felt that they had more potential as I really liked the results, and I feel that these are one of my strongest sets of illustrations to date, and judging by the enquiries and new commissions I receive, others share these views too.
I have started work developing them into a range of greetings cards and mini posters but the images you see here have been re-sized and adapted for a range of children's bedroom furniture.
They are BIG files, actual size high res illustrations for wardrobe doors and cabinets etc. They are going to make a wonderful set and you can see others in the range at >http://www.foreverfurniture.co.uk/acatalog/Junior_Designs.html<
where you can also catch my other set, Dolphins.
To supersize an image simply click on it and remember that all images are strictly copyright.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi picked this one at random as I think your work is great. With the labels, Roo and Wombat, you show you have a great sense of humor that comes through your work. The other pieces are fun and my boys sneaked a peak and really liked them too. Look forward to seeing more

5:17 pm  

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