Monday, June 10, 2019

Freelance illustration, Illustrator for hire, illustration, artwork freelance
These are just a handful of the great new designs I've made available on my Zazzle shop.
or here to see 

All these designs are available on a variety of matching products including TOTE BAGS, CUSHIONS, T SHIRTS etc.

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

I was approached recently by a local Rugby League club to give some strength and dynamism to their new logo.
Working from a few sketches I developed this graphic which will hopefully get them noticed and raise their profile.
Other jobs in the last few months have included multople games work with long lead times. So much so that I can't proudly post anything on here for a few more months yet.
I'm also working on a book which I shall certainly be promoting as soon as possible.
Please remember that these images are strictly copyright and may not be reproduced without permission.

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Monday, November 26, 2018

I'm pleased to be able to post these 2 great new games box covers for Wonder Forge. Commissioned by Forrest Pruzan in Seattle they required me to bring to life some of the smaller elements on the covers.
In the SpinGo game it was the spinning cards that needed illustrating and on the Minions Despicable Me game, just the linking plastic pieces.
I usually render, or am provided with the render, a basic 3d image, which I then bring into Photoshop and go to town on.
Please remember these images are strictly copyright. ©

• 99 brand new designer gifts •
I've also been very busy building my designer shop on Zazzle. It's packed full with all the best of my artwork from the last 30 years. Bears, Lions, snowmen, Santas, Peace Doves, Hearts, Aliens, Rock Stars, Ladybirds and of course, FROGS, have all been re-purposed by creatively designing them onto mugs, T shirts, posters, shoulder bags and giant fleeces. To name but a few of the more recent sales!
It's great fun creating these items and when Zazzle offer up to 70% discount codes there are some great bargains to snap up on my shop or elsewhere.
If it sounds like your kind of shopping then please take a look.

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Freelance illustration, Illustrator for hire, illustration, artwork freelance

I've had great fun turning my Crazy Monster Mixer artwork into a scarily fun range of Halloween cards, invites, stickers, coasters, cups and Trick or Treat tote bags. Check them out in this spooky video and then in my Zazzle shop!
Also, lots of FREE HALLOWEEN stuff on my 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

It seems most of my recent work is under embargo until a future release, so unfortunately I cannot post the cool labels, fun characters, dance logos, school packs or beer clips that I've worked on in the last 2 months.
However, one of the jobs I was commissioned for came about as a result of me showing these previous realistic fruit illustrations. I think I've illustrated most fruits over the years and these are amongst my best.
I usually provide a fruit "DIY kit". All the elements are layered in a Photoshop file so that the client can re-arrange and re-colour as they see fit.
Please click to enlarge the images but please do not copy them - they are strictly copyrighted with various licences held by a variety of clients.

illustration of Apples on white background

illustration of blueberries on white background

illustration of lemons on white background

illustration of Limes on white background

illustration of oranges & raspberries on white background

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Freelance illustration, Illustrator for hire, illustration, artwork freelance
Just recently I've been working on illustrations for a couple of cool games that I unfortunately can't post about just yet. BUT, I've also had my head down illustrating and writing my picture book which I CAN tell you a bit about.
It features my good friend, the ever-hungry frog, BUG BELLY and his barmy adventures as he sets off on the biggest bug hunt ever!
I've worked hard to get the book to a submission-ready stage and after some excellent feedback from a top commissioning editor (at this year's SCBWI PB Retreat), I now know that it's almost there.
Here's one spread from the dummy book ...

and here are a few sample illustrations as I've been experimenting with the artwork for the book...

I shall be sending Bug Belly out to publishers in the very near future. Wish me a huge and delumptious slice of good luck!

©please remember that all these images are strictly copyright.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Here's one of those jobs that is a joy to receive and a pleasure to work on. Monstats is a brand new series of 'playing' cards for children that will help them to learn numeracy - but without numbers!! 
Well, minimal amount of numbers. Primarily it teaches mathematics by clever use of picture permutations, and all based on wonderfully fantastic monsters. I was given free reign to create and illustrate 12 scary monsters which would then be expanded into 48 unique cards.

Here's the logo design to watch out for.

The card packs come with various lesson plans and activity sheets and in a few weeks time can be ordered online from

All 48 cards plus key card and reverse design.

There are 12 classes of monsters in 5 different environments and each monster can be vegetarian, carnivore, male, female and dangerous on a scale of 2 to 10. Add to this the tail length and wingspan and you soon realise that there are (probably) millions of permutations to engage children in a wide spectrum of subject lessons.

Detail showing individual cards.

Detail showing head of Green Dragon.

This green Ogre is my favourite from the whole set. I'm planning a Monster workshop in schools and hoping to print out this Ogre at life size to accompany me!

Remember to watch out for these in the coming weeks, the card packs come with various lesson plans and activity sheets and in a few weeks time can be ordered online from

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Here's a great FREE card game for children's parties. It doesn't even have to be a Ladybug themed party either, but perfect if it is.

image of Ladybug and title of card game

For more Ladybug / Ladybird themed party ideas and unique Ladybug birthday gifts hop over to my HOT FROG ONLINE ART STORE

This is based on the simple 'match the animals' card games where there are pairs of animals to match up. Slightly more tricky and much more fun this time because kids need to match up the SPOTS on these attractive pairs of Ladybugs.

I've specially illustrated 12 pairs of Ladybugs / Ladybirds. Start by downloading and printing out these 4 sheets of ladybug artwork cards preferably onto to thin card.

sheet of Ladybugs for card game

sheet of Ladybugs for card game

Each sheet is approx. A5 and when trimmed out each ladybug card will measure 68 x 73mm
If you want larger cards then print each sheet out at A4 size and then the cards will be 94 x 100mm

sheet of Ladybugs for card game

sheet of Ladybugs for card game

And if you would like a GIANT set of the cards if your party is outdoors for example, or in a really LARGE party room (or stuck on the wall etc) I'm also providing 12 individual cards that can be printed at A4 size each.
That will make a REALLY impressive GIANT party game where the kids can run around having fun amongst the cards.

For the giant size individual cards CLICK HERE.

(download them individually, works best. And remember to print each card twice).

Once printed, trim out the cards and shuffle and mix them well. Lay them out face down on a flat surface.
*TOP TIP - It looks really attractive if you can stick some patterned card onto the backs. 
The first child (or first team member) comes forward and turns any TWO cards over. If the spots match on both cards there's a loud cheer and they get to keep those 2 cards.

image of Ladybug card game instructions

If the spots DON'T match (as in the example above), ask them to turn the cards back over, face down, return to their seat whilst everyone else should try and remember which spots they were and where they were placed.

As each child comes out in turn the cards will start to go down in number as they become more successful at guessing and remembering where the cards with matching spots are.
When all cards have been matched and taken the winner is the person, or the team, with the most cards. 

Have fun. And if you've time, email me photographs of the game being played please.

© These cards are for personal use only. ie. no commercial use or reposting online.©

Licenses available for publishers wishing to acquire commercial rights to these Ladybug cards and many more please get in touch to discuss.  contact me here

For more party ideas I have other Ladybug themed ideas and gifts as well as froggy themed party ideas, please check out these links below.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

I've always had great jobs from The Allotment Agency and this latest Toby Kid's activity sheet was no different. Colouring picture on side 1 and on the reverse a collection of great puzzles, riddles, maths problems and fun and games to keep the little ones happy once they've thrown the cauliflower on the floor and gone sky high on the free sugar top ups.

Illustration spring puzzles for Toby Taverns by Hot Frog Graphics

 Below is a detail of the colouring page

detail of colouring picture Hot Frog Graphics

and this is a close up of the fun and games side

detail of illustration spring puzzles Hot Frog Graphics

The artwork was produced in ProCreate and Photoshop

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to be commissioned to design and illustrate the new novel from M Jonathan Lee.
I'm really pleased with the resulting design and think it sits well on the shelves amongst it's competitors.
The road to arriving at this final look was an interesting one. Not least in that it was much shorter timescale than I would normally like, as this job came with a pressing deadline. Sometimes that kind of pressure can lead to a panicky creative block but fortunately in this case it helped me focus.
I'm including some of the early ideas that show how the concept was developed with the very helpful input and incisive feedback from Jonathan himself.

From the outset it was suggested that there might be a person in a window staring out after a bleak snowy downfall, so I felt this was a strong motif to experiment with. As you can see the figure featured in all of these early proofs. But it was this following, more graphic, layout that caught the authors eyer and eventually got pared down and led to the final cover design.

Too many houses and too much colour resulted in taking out all but the main two homes and the blank expanse then worked much better.

This design, above, became the 'almost' final chosen design until, we realised that a bleaker, colder blue tone to the snowy landscape would echo the mood of the story better.

So this, below, is the actual printed cover along with a detail and a selection of the marketing material produced to promote the book. Postcards, notecards, drip mats and tea bags. Pour yourself a cuppa and sit back and enjoy!

Please remember that all these images are strictly copyright. ©

Get a copy of the book ...

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