Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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detail of Disney game artwork

front of game box Disney game

close up back of box Disney game
I was tasked with changing over the blue balls, adding motion and drama to the balls and brickwork for this new Disney game. I've just seen this on the shelves of the Disney store and had that pleasant double-take moment when I recognised the artwork. : )
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

tablet door opens on dishwasher

For these instructional graphic illustrations produced for Procter & Gamble I set up a photo shoot in our very own kitchen.
All the photos I took needed a great deal of touching up in Photoshop. It was important to show each step of the dishwashing preparation clearly and with easily understandable procedures. 

fingers hold dishwash tablet

The hardest task wasn't  making the insides of the unit ultra clean and sparkling, but actually making the plates look convincingly dirty without being too yucky.

food scraped off plate

dirty plate goes into dishwasher

tablet placed in dishwasher

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Illustration of Quality Street
Sweet illustration by Hot Frog Graphics
Happy New Year to anyone that might care to be reading this. Towards the end of 2106 and the beginning of this year, my main commissions have been for confectionary packs.
These recently completed illustrations are still under wraps and unfortunately can't be shown yet, BUT, I can post these artwork samples that I pitched in order to obtain the new jobs.
There are a variety of companies represented here and feature some of my all time favourite work.
Please click to enlarge but remember that these are all very strictly copyright. ©

Sweet illustration by Hot Frog Graphics

Chocolate illustration by Hot Frog Graphics

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Friday, November 25, 2016


This was a smallish but satisfying job involving adding these smart Tiaras to the heads of the dancing girls. Though I wasn't sent a Tiara, just a photo of the product and the girls dancing. Forrest Pruzan in Seattle are also excellent at sending finished product samples over and this one arrived just in time for my niece's fourth birthday, just perfect!
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Tuesday, October 04, 2016


This was a wonderful project to be involved in. I was approached by Hozelock the well established garden equipment company. They wanted a bee character to assist with their marketing and support their ecological stance. After many sketches and initial character iterations we finally developed Bizzi Bee.

I supplied Bizzi in various poses and suplied a DIY kit of body parts and garden items so that literally 100's of permutations could be achieved by the extremely competent  Hozelock in-house design team. Bizzi is just starting to appear on the market, see the seeds pack image, and I'm hoping Bizzi will soon become a household favourite.
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Monday, September 26, 2016

This is an unusually long post for me. I've not posted for a few weeks as I'm awaiting clearance to reveal details one of my favourite jobs of this year. It was the creation of a cute little character, but for the moment it still remains under publicity wraps. So here's a tidy graphic design job. More notes following the images ....

 The brief - to design a new logo for a packaging company. 
I've shown all the pre-final design ideas plus, following this text, you can see the chosen design in 3 formats.
Although most of my work these days is pure illustration I really do get a hell of a lot of satisfaction from graphic design work.
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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Earlier this year I was commissioned by Forest Pruzan in the States to illustrate some elements of a new game for the innovative toy creators - Wonder Forge. 
Amongst their other exciting new releases were a couple of pre-school science based activity games. This one explored slime, ice, heat, bubbles etc and so the name of the game box needed to reflect this in the eye catching typography title.
Please feel free to click and enlarge the images but remember that they are all very strictly copyright. © 

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Last month I had the pleasure of working on a spin-off of one of my favouritist films ever. 
Wouldn't it be great to post how I'd actually worked on the new Disney Finding Dory?!!? 
But I'm afraid this is as near as I'll ever get to that dream, but it's still very satisfying to be illustrating such well loved characters.
The commission came from Forrest Pruzan once again - they DO get some fantastic jobs - and called for some colouring skills to create a science-based boxed game spin off to the new film. I was supplied with the raw 3D renders and some cmyk breakdowns, and of course there was plenty of excellent reference on the internet.

Having coloured up Dory using paths for the various patterns and shapes, and added some nicely realistic CG eyes and bubble, I illustrated a seabed background of my own (using Photoshop brushes for the seaweeds).

Here's how the busy full box cover looked at the final stage. The other plastic elements in the science kit all needed cleaning and smartening up.
I thought all was well until the AD got back to me to say that a new, slightly different pose was favoured, so could I re-illustrate Dory! So I had to go through the whole process again to illustrate Dory at this new angle. 

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Monday, April 18, 2016


A quick and satisfying job last month for TAG in Leeds. To create a delicious caramel swirl with photo-realistic illustration. This small vignette would be dropped into the bottom corner of a cereal pack so wasn't even taking centre stage as the hero shot of the product. Nonetheless it needed to convey all the sticky lusciousness that we associate with melted caramel.
From my own photographs (of honey, chocolate and golden syrup) and reference images from online sources, I distorted and then re-coloured melted chocolate to look like gooey toffee. Using the twirl filter and one or two other distortion filters in Photoshop and then judicious masking and trimming, I managed matched the flowing swirls of the brief.
Please feel free to click and enlarge these images but remember they are all very strictly copyright.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2016


Another fun game that I worked on recently was this animation kit from Disney. It featured around a dozen or so Disney film-themed characters and game boards. Hopefully youngsters would have enough patience (or enough rainy days), to start the process of modelling the characters in air drying dough. This was greatly helped by super accurate snap together moulds.
Once the characters are ready they become the game playing pieces and can be place on the boards.
The game above shows Donald and Mickey's Hedge Maze. Created by judicious use of Photoshop custom brushes.

 This Mickey Merry go Round (above) whilst being fun to play helps with Maths too. It was quite a challenge for me as it required realistic rendering of a playground merry-go-round, with all it's associated highlights and shadows.
My 3D software of choice is Form Z. It resides on an older Mac which was in for repair.
So what to do!? I decided that I would have to make an actual scale model of the ride and found some nicely pliant plastic coated wire in my workshop. By printing off the base artwork and mounting it on foamecore I was then able to attach the 9 shaped rails in position and take reference photographs with real shadows. Then it was a matter of simply taking the resulting photograph into Photoshop and lifting the shadows. In the end the shadows had to be downplayed quite a bit anyway, but I'm still happy with the result.

Please feel free to click and enlarge the images but remember that they are al very strictly copyright. ©

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