Friday, February 21, 2014


Here are a couple of games I've just worked on for clients over in Seattle.
Now I'd love to say I illustrated Captain America, The Hulk or even Tommy and Tallulah, but the truth is, I added a bit of extra pizzaz to the look of these games.
Often they are brilliantly rendered in 3D but lack that extra bit of sparkle and dynamism.
So with a few motion blurs, spins and shines it all comes together to tempt you to PLAY!
Please feel free to enlarge these images by clicking on them but bear in mind that the are all strictly copyrighted. ©

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Here's the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day, with a delicious pair of Gingerbread characters illustrated by Hot Frog. This campaign runs through most stores and ties in with a whole host of products from flowers and chocolates, of course, to bakery,confectionary and stationary.
These 2 characters first appeared on film in the christmas promotion featuring Ant and Dec, and they proved so popular and successful that Morrison's thought it cool to have them illustrated so as to run them throughout the year. So watch out for more.
Please click on an image to see it large and remember that all images are very strictly copyright. ©

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Friday, February 07, 2014


As I mentioned in an earlier post I was fortunate to make a great start to the year with a string of interesting jobs booked in and waiting for illustration.
First off was a set of handwash labels for Vantage chemists. Here's one of them featured above requiring the depiction of clean, pure water droplets. I worked on this on Jan 1st which actually felt good rather than being a chore. Though a few christmas chocolates were required to help me concentrate!
Also, below, is a new CD cover for the kid's song album I produced a few years ago for Somerset Entertainment in Toronto.
This time the kids are packed off on a road trip to the amusement park and need jolly songs all on the way. The fairground was eventually dropped and I had to replace it with a ferris wheel. Pity as I kinda liked the swirly rides.

Please click on any image to enlarge and bear in mind that all images are strictly copyright. © 

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