Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Over 4 months in the making, many notebooks and tons of sketches and over 9Gb, that's NINE GIGABYTES of new artwork.
14 monsters in total but the potential to create many, many more as you mix new ones from existing body parts.

Over 50 full screens are displayed in the book - made of almost 500 individual images or 'assets'
150 sound files - 2 colouring-in pages - and over 20 secret buttons that lead to even more fun and excitement.

I’ve already started writing various back stories for
these monsters and plan to bring out a follow up set
of tales linked to each of the most popular monsters.

Click on an image to enlarge but please remember these are all strictly copyright. ©

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Horny Grumblesnout's big secret is out!
He likes dressing up with fancy feathers.
This is just one of the secret back stories you can discover in my new Crazy Monster Mixer picture book App.
I've created this cut-out-and-wear mask of Grumbly to give out at the SCBWI conference in Winchester in 2 weeks time.
There'll be a comprehensive posting very soon with facts, stats and videos of the new book.
Please click on Grumbly to make him bigger but remember ALL images in the blog are strictly copyright. ©

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Wednesday, November 07, 2012



Some people like custard on their Christmas pudding, though I can never understand why. It just has to be white sauce, with rum dribbled over it, and the pud so hot that the rum sizzles on contact.
For those that like ice cream instead of custard why not go the whole hog and have this delicious pud flavoured ice cream?
I've not tried it yet, but if it's as good as the other flavours, it has to be a winner.
I think this arrangement was the 8th we'd tried before I managed to capture just the right amount of Christmas puddingness.
Please click on the image to enlarge it and remember that these are all strictly copyright.©

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