Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This year certainly started with an epic rush of work. I think I've already produced around 60 or 70 illustrations to date.
These range from labels for a cheese pack, beer bottles, medical packaging, washing up liquids, washing powders, pop-up greetings cards and another poster in the set for Nationwide.
I also managed to sweep aside commissioned work long enough to think about some new sketches for Bug Belly as suggested buy an interested editor.
Since I'm not at liberty to display most of the other work at this moment in time, here is one of the new sketches featuring the ever hungry Bug Belly striving to gather up a few furry, wriggling spiders.
I've also produced some new full colour illustration work for Bug Belly but I don't want to jeopardise his possible success by splashing too much of him around. It might be unlucky to do so, not that I'm superstitious, touch wood.
Please double click any image to supersize it but remember they are all strictly copyright. ©

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