Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I thought this would be a fitting image to display over the holiday period.
I was commissioned to produce a montage with over 2 dozen 'hidden' christmas songs and carols.
It's curently 'live' online at a top insurer's website but I'd better not reveal the name since there's a competition involved.
Maybe after the winners have claimed their prizes I'll be able to show it in full.
Also hidden in the picture are my good friends Dave and Julie and starring Koray on the drums!
Thanks to Zeppellina for the comments on a previous post - hey, someone out there does read this!
Please click on Elvis to supersize the image but remember that it is strictly copyright. ©
Here's hoping for a great christmas, (slim chance for Peace on Earth - but one may as well wish for it) - and a wonderful 2008. : )


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