Thursday, August 23, 2007



Imagine reading this just ten yesrs ago. You'd have people thinking along the lines of door to door decorating deliveries!
Things have quietened off a little here at Hot Frog towers.
All those juicy jobs I had to turn down over the crazy summer are now just distant possibilities.
This has given me time to catch up on some self promotion, some serious planning for my next picture book idea and to add to my collection of graphics that can be downloaded to your mobile (mainly in the States).
I probably have something like 60 designs flitting around in the aether (shows my age), and each time that one lands on the pink, sparkly mobile screen of some celeb obsessed teenage girl in Massachusetts, it registers a cent or two into my coffers. I like the idea of the pixels leaving my computer and beaming down, Star Trek like, to some other place on the planet.

Here you see eight graphics featuring cosmic chickens, cosmic chimps and rainbow giraffes.
I'd like to see one on the new Apple iPhones, that would be something.
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Friday, August 03, 2007


Quick job this. Turned round in under a week, but nonetheless enjoyable.
Sometimes a urgent deadline helps concentrate the effort but other times it can spoil a job as you just have to 'go for it' first time and hope that you've ht the mark.
Without the product shots and text in place you're not going to have a clue what this is for.
Well, it's for velvet toilet tissues and continues their recent marketing campaigns using children in typically adult roles.
Please remember that all images are strictly copyright © but you may click on the image to enlarge it.
Go on, no harm done.
Actually I'm going to leave this text running along side the image (in Safari) on this post, to see if it looks perfect in Windows - there's some mysterious formatting issue here that I cannot understand.