Tuesday, June 22, 2021

 • Hot Frog Graphics •

Over the past ten years I've had some excellent jobs land on my desk. These are some of the best food illustration work I had the pleasure of doing. Recently it's been all book work but I don't want clients to forget that Hot Frog means top quality illustration in the commercial sector too.

These first 5 images were commissioned for Kelly's Cornish ice cream. Using a combination of hand painting, photography and Form Z (for the 3d elements) the scenes were built and composed in Photoshop.

This colourful maypole was first commissioned for some display boards in a major shopping centre. It went on to be re-used and re-purposed for print brochures in the Philippines and also a bus shelter campaign in Ireland.

The clown character was designed and illustrated for Razamattaz Magic Co. It featured on some of their fantastic magic tricks. And unfortunately it has been ripped off and illegally used on all kind of products across the globe ever since.

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