Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Thirty years ago I had my first book published. 
No not a children's book but a collection of political postcards and cartoons. Over the years I've produced many cards for various campaigns such as The Miners, CND, Anti-Apartheid etc mostly through Leeds Postcards.
Following the miners strike and the success of the Miners Support pack we decided to collect all my work together into one small booklet, full colour cover and black and white inside.
Drawing Conclusions was sold throughout the UK via a series of press campaigns and reviews. Remember, no social media in those days to shout out about your project.

 Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament's chair Monsignor Bruce Kent was kind enough to offer a foreword to the book which I was flattered and very proud of. I'd met him at afternoon tea hosted by the mayor in Barnsley Town Hall and he had remembered meeting me.

The Thatcher Therapy dot-dot puzzle postcard became quite famous and was featured in other publications. It spawned the follow up Reagan puzzle, and more recently, the David Cameron 'Smug Face Wipe'.

Please feel free to print off the Thatcher picture, laminate it and enjoy the satisfaction that thousands of sufferers sought in the 1980's and 90's.
Thatcher was such a shock to the system that she spawned thousands of political cartoons and I've created my fair share. Here's another produced for the "I support the Miners' pack of cards raising money for striking miners

I am very proud to be able to say that these cards helped raise over £30,000 for families living below the breadline as the Tory government turned the screw.

I sold the book at various events. 
Here in Roundhay Park Leeds at a Peace festival.

And, also in Leeds, with a window display on Sherratt & Hughes bookshop.

I still have a few hundred copies of the book left and keep thinking about putting them online.
If I do they will be around £10 each including p&p.
I'll post again if this happen, but if anyone would like a copy meanwhile, please email.

"Screamin Tabloids" for Campain for Press and Broadcasting Freedom

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