Tuesday, September 18, 2018

It seems most of my recent work is under embargo until a future release, so unfortunately I cannot post the cool labels, fun characters, dance logos, school packs or beer clips that I've worked on in the last 2 months.
However, one of the jobs I was commissioned for came about as a result of me showing these previous realistic fruit illustrations. I think I've illustrated most fruits over the years and these are amongst my best.
I usually provide a fruit "DIY kit". All the elements are layered in a Photoshop file so that the client can re-arrange and re-colour as they see fit.
Please click to enlarge the images but please do not copy them - they are strictly copyrighted with various licences held by a variety of clients.

illustration of Apples on white background

illustration of blueberries on white background

illustration of lemons on white background

illustration of Limes on white background

illustration of oranges & raspberries on white background

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