Sunday, November 19, 2017

You may have noticed from various recent posts that I've opened an online Zazzle shop selling quality giftware featuring my artwork and designs. A few weeks ago I came across this PreRaphaelite stained glass window illustration that was originally commissioned in 1982 as a charity card.
I still really like this piece and thought it deserved a second life. After scanning in the original which was illustrated about A3 size, I realised that it needed a bit of tidying up so it has been 'digitally re-mastered'. The design is now on sale worldwide and I'm even thinking of using it as our own Christmas card design this year. It feels rather strange re-visiting this artwork after all this time and as I worked on the tidying up it brought back vague memories of when I originally created it.

This detail shows the before and after versions of the artwork. The extra Photoshopping was all done by hand using a Wacom styles and various pastel and water colour brushes.
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