Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Last month I had the pleasure of working on a spin-off of one of my favouritist films ever. 
Wouldn't it be great to post how I'd actually worked on the new Disney Finding Dory?!!? 
But I'm afraid this is as near as I'll ever get to that dream, but it's still very satisfying to be illustrating such well loved characters.
The commission came from Forrest Pruzan once again - they DO get some fantastic jobs - and called for some colouring skills to create a science-based boxed game spin off to the new film. I was supplied with the raw 3D renders and some cmyk breakdowns, and of course there was plenty of excellent reference on the internet.

Having coloured up Dory using paths for the various patterns and shapes, and added some nicely realistic CG eyes and bubble, I illustrated a seabed background of my own (using Photoshop brushes for the seaweeds).

Here's how the busy full box cover looked at the final stage. The other plastic elements in the science kit all needed cleaning and smartening up.
I thought all was well until the AD got back to me to say that a new, slightly different pose was favoured, so could I re-illustrate Dory! So I had to go through the whole process again to illustrate Dory at this new angle. 

Please feel free to click and enlarge these images but remember that they are all very strictly copyright. ©

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