Wednesday, May 16, 2012

these first three images are screen grabs of the live webcam showing me getting to work.
I was asked why I'd put it there by 2 girls, told that it was a bloody waste of people's film when they photographed it.
One disgruntled chap said he'd sand blasted too much Yorkshire Stone in his time to want anything to do with it.
By the way, the rat wasn't mine, pity it was on the same face as the typography!

Just had fun cycling down to the mysterious stone cube that has appeared overnight in the centre of town.
Having heard about it on the Radio this morning I thought I should contribute something, so planned it before I'd properly woken up and set off down with Dave pre-warned by text (hi Dave) watching live on a web cam stream in case anyone nicked me bike.

My idea was that since the theatre company involved with the project were less abled actors, I would change the IMMOVABLE to something more positive and meaningful.
I was interviewed by Mick Lunney and linked back to Toby in the studio but feel mega embarrassed at forgetting the word "controversy' and using 'cafuffle' instead!
Here's a link to the web explanation/anticipation of the whole affair.
And if it's still running, a live web cam stream.