Monday, December 05, 2011


Just finished work on the conversion of Ga Gunk to become an interactive app.
The artwork for Ga Gunk was finished a couple of years ago and has been seeking a publisher ever since. It's a very short, sweet little story that features two cute little froggies.
They fall in love one magical moonlit night under the shooting stars.

Ga Gunk is the sound that American youngsters think frogs make. I must admit that I'd never heard of it either, but it kinda makes sense once you've become accustomed to hearing it.
And boy have i become accustomed!
This adaptation took around 3 weeks of solid work with many a late hour working on it and liaising with the Interactive Touch Books team in California.
They were always available to help and explain their brilliant (but complicated at first) software.
Ga Gunk is now one of the 30 or so books available in the ITB bookstore and hopefully will prove a popular little tale.
The words came from Susie Ramsey who contacted me to illustrate this tale and told me that her grandma used to sing to her when she was little.
The PB app features 13 pages with a colouring-in page, a build-your-own-froggy puzzle and a Ga gunk song and narration by Rachel Baier.

I now have two further books in development and plan to offer my app creation/conversion skills to other authors and illustrators who might not be able to tackle the online creation process.

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