Monday, November 14, 2011


As a freelance illustrator I'm asked to produce seasonal artwork at any time and all through the year. A santa character might be wanted for a new festive chocolate bar, or a game that has to be launched in time to appear in next year's christmas brochure.
It still amazes me when the 'real' christmas frenzy rushes around once more tho and  I know it's such a tired cliche to utter this.
It makes me think about the few 'lazy' houses that you see around the neighbourhood, the ones who didn't bother to take down last year's glowing reindeer neon lights but have left them up all year, might have a point.
It hardly seems worth it, just cover the christmas tree in the lounge with a nice throw and then come December - uncover and voila! All that hassle of searching through the loft, unpacking and bauble dressing is gone.
Anyway, before I descend into a scrooge-like rant ... here's a lovely job I did for Second Nature cards. This stylish santa and reindeer will be magically chopped, trimmed, glued and cleverly re-assembled into a luxury pop-up greetings card, glitter everywhere! Pah!
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