Monday, June 06, 2011

•Kelly's Ice Cream

•Kelly's Ice Cream
What a great job this was, photograph and illustrate some ice cream - eat some ice cream!

Photograph chocolate, eat chocolate, you get the idea.
The most fun was realising that the insides of Crunchie bars just don't give enough honeycomb texture to use in this kind of illustration, so I had to set to and made a batch of my own.
Luckily the illustration for that particular flavour variant arrived around Bonfire night so I didn't eat all that refined sugar myself, we took it to a friends fire and shared it.
My favourite flavour to illustrate and the one I'm most pleased with is the clotted cream. This was pure illustration (the blue and white pot) mixed with some 3d work (the churn) and some Photoshop brushes (the grass) blended with photography (the cream) bringing them all seamlessly together is very satisfying.
These have been under wraps for a few of months and there is still one more flavour that has not yet been released.
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