Monday, May 24, 2010

I realise that I don't use this space as a 'proper' blog, and just as well since I've been suspiciously quiet for over a month now.
Various reasons I suppose, one of them being the intensity of work, that is, the mad panic at the end of a project to get amendments approved by delivery date.
These 3 pieces are a case in point. I illustrated, or artworked, over 50 packs of meds for Elmwood (and this was just the overspill from the ever busy Myles!)
Most of the pack wouldn't stand up to display in an illustration blog so here's just a taste of the more artistic few.
I also completed over 50 illustrations for Helen Bonney's Wally Woppapotamus book, see a single example above.
Please feel free to double click and supersize these images but remember that they are strictly copyright. ©

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