Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Now these two packs, done for the same client as the 3 below, were in luscious cmyk full colour, and so I could really go to town.
From photo reference of Jasmine taken 2 years ago outside our kitchen window, lilies from Switzerland, oranges shot in our back garden (not growing I hasten to add) I pieced together and re-illustrated these still life scenes.
During the 're-building' process, and before the illustration part begins, the images look dreadful but I've learned not to panic at this stage and keep forging ahead with Count Arthur Strong, Tom Brown's Schooldays and Harry Potter for company.
Please double click these images to get a close up view but remember that all my images are strictly copyright. ©

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I always enjoy packaging design and illustration. It's one of the subjects I was particularly interested in at college, so to be now producing my own is very satisfying.
These 3 labels were limited by single spot colours (ie. not cmyk), so they proved a challenge.
Please double click to supersize and remember that all my images are strictly copyright. ©

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