Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Finally I can unveil the three panda characters that I worked on earlier this year. They are still not fully 'outed' until November - to tie in with a film release, but since they now appear on the client's web site I'm happy to let them loose.
I thoroughly enjoyed working on these and they took quite a few iterations to get right and capture the essence of each product in it's new market positioning. There's Panda Pops, the youngest member. He's lively and enrgetic and already streetwise. Panda Spring is centred and contemplative whilst Panda Still is just so cool and laid back.
I like the fact that I've been successful in creating these Pandas, especially since I tried for months to get card and stationery publishers interested in Bamboo, my humorous Panda way back in the eighties.
Please feel free to supersize the trio by double clicking and remember that they are strictly copyright. ©

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