Tuesday, July 07, 2009


It's been quite a while since I posted any new work up here - sorry to all my 1000's of followers for the delay.
A 2 week holiday in France and the fact that I've been working on a new set of characters for a soft drinks co for the last 4 weeks resulted in a paucity of available new work.
However, here's the cover of one of two games I completed recently for Interplay in the US. I really enjoy producing these 'facelifts' for existing and popular games and in fact there's another waiting to be finished this week, for the same company.
It's been a month for bees. I watched an excellent programme about the vanishing of bees, I managed to vanish one myself as it stung my foot when I accidentally trod on it and then friends of ours have just asked us over to see their 20,000 new bees!
More reference shots!

See ya.
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