Thursday, February 12, 2009


I wonder just how many times this phrase has appeared on the www?
Do you ever do that? imagine the most bizarre sentence, crazy whilst still making sense, and then think that even though there are only 26 letters in the alphabet and billions of people on earth - that you are the only person to have ever come up with, say, "The most gregarious of all ginger Llamas are still quite insular by nature"???????
What? there is a web site dedicated to ginger llamas? I don't doubt it.
Anyways, enough of this rambling.
Here's a cute little Raccoon that will soon be helping American schoolkids with their Math. It's not easy resisting the final 's' is it?
The luscious paint and splodgy colour is for an utterly ingenious magic trick courtesy of Razamatazz.
Please double click an image to conjure up a biggie, but remember that they are ALL strictly copyright. ©.


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