Tuesday, September 16, 2008



It's going to look like HFG has been closed for part of the summer. I say that because there's a scarcity of new images I can post at the momente. That's down to HFG being closed whilst I went on holiday - BUT this was only for one week's surfing in Newquay. The rest of the time I've been beavering away on a fantastic new project that, unfortunately once again, I cannot reveal right at this moment in time.
Until the wraps come off that, I can upload this new beer bottle label for a Small Theatre in Sheffield, and that's about it really. I did do some sketching on holiday but that served really to assuage my guilt at not doing any 'proper' drawing, and is not worth putting up here. There are some exciting new illustrations for the Razamatazz Magic Co. and they will follow shortly. Byeeeee.