Thursday, July 24, 2008

A froggy love story

A froggy love story
Regular readers of this blog (sic) will know that my abiding passion is for children's picture books.
I've worked on quite a few educational type illustrated books and last year produced the phenomenal five hundred plus pictures for the mini-magnetic ABC, Colours etc books, for Soft Play.
With this new board book, written by Susie Ramsey, it's the nearest yet to achieving my goal of my very own picture book.

Ga Gunk tells the simple story of how two little frogs meet by accident then fall in love one moonlit night.
I wanted a more painterly feel to the pictures and hopefully achieved this with some interesting painted textures applied in photoshop.
I have included the initial sketches with some of the finished illustrations as I've long thought about having some of my sketchbooks on display too.
Keep your webbed fingers crossed that this little book will soon find a publisher in the States.
Please double click on any frog to supersize but remember that all images are strictly copyright ©. Have I mentioned that before!


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