Wednesday, October 31, 2007


My first posting on this blog was the artwork for the boxed game Hotel Las Vegas. Since then I have illustrated somewhere around eight or nine games and I thoroughly enjoy each one. I can show you details from this current job, but the whole image and package is still under wraps, so no more details at this time.
Created using a devilish blend of form Z 3d work with photoshop magic and some photo textures thrown in for good measure.
Feel free to click on an image to supersize it, but remember that they are all strictly copyright ©.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Only three shown here and they are from a game that sounds incredibly similar to Frustration.
I guess it's still under wraps so no more detail than that at the moment.
Right now I am working on another game, which involves the artwork for the game board which I'm enjoying.
As soon as that is signed off i'll post it up here.
Meanwhile, feel free to click on an image to supersize it and remember just how copywrit they all are!!