Thursday, September 06, 2007


I have this theory, well a fascination really. Imagine a computer, Mac of course, that could calculate every possible permutation of pixel arrangements on its screen. Every possible placement of its millions of colours would be calculated and presented in a vast slideshow.
THAT IS A LOT OF SCREENS I know, I did ask my mathematically gifted brother to work it out but there wasn't enough space on the calculator. However it IS a finite number and one day I guess it could be achieved.

Well, within all the gobbledegook of abstract shapes and colours there is bound to be perfectly formed and recognisable images. If every possible permutation CAN be shown then there will be mugshots of every person on the planet, as well as every person who has ever lived, or for that matter, who will ever live.
Think about it for a while, and you'll realise that there'll be a pics of say, Shakespeare, dressed in blue, holding every species of flower against backdrops of every picture postcard location on earth, then he'll be joined by Nelson Mandela and Wayne Rooney!!
It's mind boggling (isn't it Julie) but just about imaginable.
If it was controllable and searchable - Google would orchestrate here - it would mean that whenever someone telephones me and asks for a plastic Santa skiing on ice cream, or a logo sculpted from granite for example, it would already have been completed, with hundreds of variations, and the final image would be sat waiting in a folder on the desktop, for me to deliver the perfect illustration.
So when a client ring me to say that unfortunately they had paid for a high res photograph of a strawberry which turned out to be the wrong variety (it should have been Jubileee), then I needn't spend two or three days re-illustrating it, I could simply pull out half a dozen different varieties and say, there you, take your pick!
I wonder if I'd be able to afford the software!
The original shot is at the top, then underneath is my reworking of the photograph, turning it into the more heart-shaped Jubilee varietal.

Please double click the Stawberries to supersize them and remember they are strictly copyright©.