Thursday, June 21, 2007


Commissioned by Storm Brands in Elland, this illustration of an ice cream fudge topping sauce was a great little job to do.
It followed the months I spent on the ABC books and was a satisfying relief to be able to wrap a job up in a couple of days.
Didn't get any samples of this one though!
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Wednesday, June 06, 2007



Following hot on the buttons of the telephone character comes this colourful chameleon.
Actually I've been working on and off with this job since March - never had such a generous span of time in which to develop and complete an illustration.
He will appear on a selection of drinks cartons across the west coast of America. As soon as the packs hit the shelves I'll try and get hold of a copy so that I can display the full effect.
Meanwhile I am almost through the full set of 260 pages and covers for those mini picture books. A mammoth job and the reason that I was totally absent in May.
But then there's probably no-one out there reading this anyway, is there? Thought not.
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At last I can post some new work up here.
It's been frustrating to say the least having to wait for embargoes to clear on recent jobs.
But here at last is a little character I created for Asdas new mobile telephone services.
He didn't have a name at the time of delivery but my pet name for him was talkie.
Created with the help of Form Z of course and then finessed in Photoshop.
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