Friday, January 12, 2007



I don't think I've ever told you about a very special client of mine.
In addition to illustrating yummy chocolate and ice creams I also have the privelege to work for a brewery!
As designer I handle the corporate image for Wentworth Brewery and I also design, illustrate and produce the pump clips and bottle labels for all the brews.
Yes, what a wonderful job though I don't get to sample ALL the brews!
Since my last three illustration jobs are embargoed until much later this year (and one science book cover until 2008!!) I thought I would whet your thirst with a couple of recent pump clips for Wentworth.
These are just two of over one hundred clips, shown here on one of the seasonal promotion posters.
I have been intendiong to create a new blog purely for some of these award winning clips and labels but thought you might like to take a sneak preview right away.
Please click on the image to supersize it but remember that these deisgns are strictly copyright ©.


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