Tuesday, December 12, 2006



Well, believe it or not, there was more fruit illustrations coming my way.
These are very recent pieces as the job I started at the beginning of December, and which I'd really like to show you, is still being completed. More of that in a future blog, suffice to say it is a perfect job for me, so no prizes for guessing the subject matter!
I've also been working on various books for publishers in America and Canada but I've a feeling that they will be embargoed for a while, so I cannot post them up just yet.
So back to the fruit, they are drinks labels yet again and were followed by another set but I think I'll make these the last fruit I dispalay for a while - I think you can appreciate that Hot Frog can 'do' fruit without more evidence.
After all, blogs get accused of being boring so I don't want to lose my viewers interest.
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