Monday, November 27, 2006


Der de!
Der de!
de de de de de de de

hope I've summoned up the jaws music as this is what the image is supposed to convey.
Commissioned by Dig for Fire in sheffield - (they do seem to get some very interesting accounts and always conceive some arresting images).

The saw was photographed and Photoshopped to enhance the look and then 'all' I needed was some convincing woodgrain, in the correct pattern of course!
I must have looked around half a dozen likely places - diy superstores, timber yards, furniture shops etc but in the end I created the texture from scratch in Photoshop and then judiciously blended one or two reference shots over the background.
Typically about a week later I found the perfect woodgrain on a cafe table at Chatsworth but the job was already done.
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