Friday, November 03, 2006


The pumpkin job was a nice one to illustrate. I didn't have reference of pumpkins in stock so had to make do with the very small ones that were only just appearing in the supermarkets (this was early September) but with a bit of jiggery pokery in Photoshop it was soon 'blended' with a full size one from Flickr. Form z provided the yoghurt coating around the seeds!
Incidentally just after I completed this my Mac decided that it would show me just how infallible OS X really was and the finder freaked out on me. Having tried a repair using TechTools I ended up with a totally dead Mac that had to be rushed to the genius's or is it genii, at the Apple store in Meadowhall.
I hadn't backed up for a week!!!! but the good news was that I didn't lose any files, the bad news (other than lugging the G5 around Meadowhell, sic) was that I was left with over 35,000 files listed by number and file type only. It has taken me three weeks to sort through them.
I have now returned to a very stringent backup regime!
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