Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I was recently commissioned to create and illustrate eight holiday characters for the Nestlé Tollhouse cookie range by Sterling Brands in New York. So picking up my trusty pencil, before I even switched on a single pixel, I began to sketch out a few dozen variations of these eight, traditional holiday characters.
These were then scanned and emailed for approval to the 17th floor of the Empire State building - they wouldn't pay the airfare for personal delivery!
It will be no surprise to learn that Photoshop was employed yet again to illustrate the final art.
They all seemed to be very well received but the Santa remains my favourite. I think I have now illustrated his cheerful face around 6 times or so for products such as electric cookers, pyramidal shaped chocolate bars, greetings cards, carpets and now American cookies! Maybe one day they should all have a roll call together.
These are the first four charcters plus a close up of Santa.
It was suggested that I might have a bit more 'chat' on my blog, so was that OK Julie?
Click on an image to see a supersized version and please remember that all images are strictly copyright ©.


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