Monday, November 19, 2007


Maybe I should have a studio rename.
I was thinking FAT PIG GRAPHICS. I know it doesn't sound as sexy as Hot Frog, but I think it might just reflect how I've conducted myself recently. This is sounding like a confession, but I guess that's the tradition of the real blogger, get it all out in the open.
My name is Paul Morton I recently ate three trifles, a whole madeira cake, a bowl of custard with jam and topped the whole lot off with a dollop of whipped cream.
Not my normal breakfast, but consumed in the duty of illustrating this trifle for a popular supermarket chain.
The product samples I received looked about as appetising as roadkill, so I set about constructing the 'perfect' trifle, or rather a seductive looking trifle that would make it disappear from the shelves but ultimately disappoint the shopper as soon as they took it out of my wonderful wrapper and discovered the truth!
Please click on the custard to supersize it but remember that trifle cannot really be eaten as part of a calorie controlled diet. Oh yes, and it's copyright. : )